An Energy-Boosting Salad

Spinach Salad with Quinoa

If there's one thing I've realized as I've gotten older it's this: food has a lot to do with my energy level. Obviously, sleep does, too, and a host of other factors, but what I eat is a big part of the equation. For years, my low-energy solution was a coffee and some sort of sugary baked good (more than likely a chocolate chip cookie). The only problem was, after the sugar rush, I immediately felt miserable as my energy–and ...more

Chicken Feta Sliders with Chimichurri

4th of July Sliders

I love this time of year. Blue skies, cooler weather, but still warm enough to eat outside for a few more weeks. Despite the fact that we live in a fifth-floor walk-up (with occasional funky smells in the stairwell), all is redeemed by our little rooftop terrace. The views are pretty fantastic and when the weather is nice, it's my favorite place to have a glass of rosé and watch the sunset. We've had friends up many times and even ...more

Power Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

I did something last week that I have never attempted before: I fasted from coffee. Given that I've had coffee just about every day since I was 16, this was a daunting prospect. Coffee is my brain's ON button in the morning. It's the difference between a grumpy, don't-talk-to-me Anna and a friendly, life-is-good Anna (just ask Brandon!). I crave not just the caffeine, but the aroma, the taste, and most of all the ritual. I'm a traditionalist ...more

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My name is Anna Watson Carl. In a word, I love food, I love France, and I love throwing dinner parties. Over the years, I've worked as a personal chef, taught cooking classes, edited cookbooks, written for magazines, tested and styled recipes, and traveled whenever opportunity has arisen. But at heart, there's nothing I love more than sharing a meal with friends around the yellow table.

For me, cooking has always been a way of life. As a (mildly precocious) ten-year old, I planned and prepared a four-course Valentine's dinner for my parents, birthing a lifelong passion for dinner parties. That was just the beginning. I've been cooking ever since, whipping up souffles at a chateau in Burgundy, searing filet mignon for a wealthy client's dog (bizarre, but true), butchering ducks for confit de canard in Paris, baking the night shift in Nashville, and bathing the floor of my NYC apartment in turkey brine...the story continues.


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